Encrypted backup to the cloud

My current off-site backup is a couple of hard drives in external (usb2) enclosures, which are rotated to a family member’s house.  I’m now pondering adding a cloud-based backup to my environment.

The problem with cloud backups is security – I want to encrypt the data locally, and then be able to rsync it to another location (e.g. Amazon Glacier).

So after some quick googling, it seems there’s not a lot out there which satisfies my (basic) needs:

  • Transparent to NAS function and users
  • Encrypted locally
  • Synchronised periodically with remote store
  • Only transfer bytes/blocks which have changed.

For now, it looks like my best bet is to implement something like:

  1. Create a Truecrypt volume
  2. Automate ZFS snapshot for backup purposes (simple using freeNAS)
  3. Rsync ZFS snapshot contents to Truecrypt volume
  4. Rsync Truecrypt volume to remote cloud (or removeable media etc).

This is all conjecture at this stage – I need to try actually implementing it, and want to spend more time reading/looking for alternatives too.  More will come as my list of “projects” reduces 🙂

Some links I read to get to this conclusion:



http://chrisfleischhacker.wordpress.com/2013/06/19/use-truecrypt-and-skydrive-to-encrypt-your-sensitive-files-and-store-them-in-the-cloud-nsa-proof-accessible-anywhere/ (especially the comments)

Addition:  I’m also looking, whilst doing this, for a backup solution for an elderly relative to use from their Windows laptop which will backup important documents (financial, etc.) to something like Google Drive or maybe Dropbox – I came across Cryptsync which looks like a simple solution!


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