I’ve been tossing up what the point of this site is lately.. its not like I’m chasing regular readership, or seeking fame and fortune via it.

My goals for the site are to:

  • Provide write-ups on tech implementations I do which aren’t well documented elsewhere
  • Be a reference for myself and others
  • Occasional hardware reviews of bits I buy with my own cash because I need functionality
  • Do all the above in my spare time and on a modest budget

That you’ve even found the site is encouraging, and means what I’m writing is relevant to somebody out there in the void.

Lastly, I’ve resolved to try advertising on the site, in an attempt to cover the hosting costs, and partly just as an experiment.  If you find the ads too obtrusive, please leave feedback – I don’t want to be heavy-handed, as the goal here is to cover hosting costs and not to make money (I have an actual job for that!).




7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi friend ! Tell me how to build the freenas with support Infiniband OFED? Driver mlx4, Network card – Mellanox. Nothing happens, not enough knowledge on the field of Freebsd 🙁 In based version FreeNas not working Infiniband Mellanox (not vision card in system) and not vision HDD (Controller Adaptec ASR-5805) hdd in JBOD. Please help me friend.

  2. I’m currently working on setting up a Dell R900 with 24 Cores and 128 GB ram to replace a rack in 4 u of space. I’m using xenserver 6.2 with all patches and FreeBSD 10.0. My Question is… With 12 Cores Dedicated to the vm… How long should make world take ? I’m going on day 2 here… I have QoS on the SR Turned all the way up… and the processor QoS is the same way… What am I missing here ?

    • What are you compiling? I assume its freenas? (you posted a comment on my about page).

      It took me about 10 hours with 4 Nehalem cores (8 threads) at 2.66GHz and 8G of memory. However, I don’t use XenServer, just baremetal Xen (and command line tools), so not sure if that adds any overheads or disk performance issues.

      Fast disk IO is important too – I set up my freeBSD build environment to use the PVHVM drivers for FreeNAS, which speeds up disk throughput by around 6x, and drops CPU usage a *lot* too for it. If you didn’t install the xenserver tools for FreeBSD before kicking off the build, IMO 2 days isn’t out of the realm of possiblity.

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